It's all about machinery safety.

With Secutify, we develop software tools that help everyone design safe machines and operate them safely.

We are Secutify

Walter Mrak and Stefan Ginther are the founders of Rocksol-IT GmbH and the creative minds behind Secutify.

Walter Mrak has been working in software development for over 20 years, most recently as head of development for a well-known manufacturer of CE software. Combined with Stefan Ginther’s many years of technical and practical experience as a product manager, the common desire to develop simple and practical software solutions for the risk management of machines and plants emerged.

There is still great innovation potential in these areas, especially for modular documentation in the area of connected machines and systems. We create flexible solutions instead of rigid specifications and simplify complex processes with the help of digital possibilities.

One thing always comes first: to develop practical solutions for our customers. To achieve this, the Secutify Community is actively involved in the development of new solutions.

With Secutify, we enable small and medium-sized companies to access modern technologies. This makes them faster and more efficient in implementing the Machinery Directive and more competitive against larger competitors.

Walter & Stefan

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Our values

Maximal simple

The inherently safe design is the basis of every machine - inherently simple is the basic requirement for our software. For you this means: a quick start, no long training period and no time-consuming and expensive user training. Simply install and get started.

Results driven

At the end of the day, what has been achieved counts. As a standardized process, you create the documentation of your machines and systems more clearly and quickly. Secutify catalogs support you in efficiently collecting and updating data.

Budget friendly

Transparent and simple, even in terms of costs. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for complicated license models, use Secutify Solo for a low monthly license price; ongoing updates included.


We develop Secutify for you. Our systems should support and relieve you in your daily work. Therefore, we actively involve our Secutify community in the development. We look forward to your feedback:

Thinking ahead

We make our systems even better with technological innovations. Our basic requirements are always at the heart of this: Simple. Fast. Safe.


No company is like another. That is why we adapt our software systems to the needs of our customers. With flexCOME this is optimally possible.

Assess risks efficiently.