Secutify Solo


New features, updates and bugfixes

Secutify Solo Risk Assessment



Bug fixes
  • Correction in print output of residual risk in risk assessment report



Error corrections
  • Correction when printing images for risk assessment in languages other than German or English
  • Information on image rotations is taken into account in Exif information and images are output correctly in reports



New functions
  • Optimisation of the display of images in portrait format in reports
  • Further optimisations of the user interface
Bug fixes
  • Correction for copy and paste of security signs in risk reductions



New functions

  • Improvement in program control via keyboard operation (shortcuts), important functions such as Save, Edit or New can now be operated via keyboard.

Bug fixes

  • Improvement in processing and displaying transparent PNG images.
  • Catalogs in languages other than German and English are now correctly displayed in the risk assessment.
  • The list of applied standards is issued in full in the risk assessment report.



Bug fixes
  • Subsequent change of PLr for controllers does not cause an error now.
    The help texts for estimation of O1, O2 were mixed up, this has been corrected.
  • The quality of the images in the risk report has been increased.



New Features

  • New catalogue for legal references “Laws and regulations Germany
    • ProdSG – Product Safety Act 9th
    • ProdSV – Regulation on machinery 1st
    • ProdSV – regulation on electrical equipment
  • Extension of the risk assessment report for the new legal references.
  • Extension of compatibility check for secure management of references Secutify Solo to risk assessment files.



New Features
  • Improved user guidance in risk reduction, the new user interface optimises content entry
  • New extended list view for risk assessment, all information on risk assessment, protective measures, applied standards, guidelines, annexes and pictograms can be viewed directly here.
  • Function for entering self-definitions for catalog data, directly in the risk assessment.
  • The risk assessment report is now also available in French, Spanish and Italian.

Error corrections

  • The risk assessment report could not be output completely in the documentation language English. The function has been corrected.



New features

  • Function Extension Copy & Paste Functions
  • Duplicate content in a document
  • Copy content from one document to another
  • Usability optimisations



New Features
  • Risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100
  • Risk evaluation by means of risk graph
  • Risk reduction according to the 3-step procedure
  • Directive and standards management
  • Management of life phases, tasks and hazard consequences
  • Pictogram library
  • PDF report generation
  • Management of annexes, reference documents
  • Document manager to manage standards documents